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In 2009 I had the honor and pleasure of spending time in the company of my father during his last days on earth. Al Goldberg was a great conversationalist (and was in fact a professor of Speech Communication), but at the end of his life spoken language gradually left him. Yet even with no words, our time together was filled with meaning. This is where I learned that most of what passes between people is not contained in symbolic language (speech, music, etc.). Much of what we give and receive from one another is actually the very fact of our gathering. And what more beautiful reason to gather together than playing and listening to music?


A few notes about the website. All the artwork is by Molly Barker, from a series of circus images she produced in 1998.  For those not familiar with Molly's work, I would recommend some of her amazing handmade books, as well as Secret Language, a longer work published by City Lights. An essay I wrote about my partnership with Molly is here.

The website is designed and built by Nik So.  It is very much a work-in-progress and we will be refining it as we go along, so if you have any suggestions please let us know.



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