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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the BAG Production page!

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Of course how could I resist calling the label BAG Production -- named after my initials as well as the lyric from Come Together.  Also, amazingly, Molly Barker, a selection of whose work you see throughout this website, drew the image at the top of this page when she was six, as a way of memorializing her first recorder lesson.  You can see the proper embouchure and how to play something like Hot Cross Buns.

Well, it's life and death in the music business, where the same shifting technology that threatens the industry paradoxically makes it easier to sell and distribute music on a small scale -- what better time to jump in with a record label.

We've got two new releases coming out on February 19, 2013; both are available for pre-order in the Store:

BAG003 is Subatomic Particle Homesick Blues, featuring Joshua RedmanRon Miles, Devin Hoff, and Ches Smith.

BAG004 is Unfold Ordinary Mind, featuring the murderers' row of Nels ClineEllery EskelinRob SudduthChes Smith, and yours truly holding down the bass chair with a contra-alto clarinet.

For more information on both of these amazing records, and the opportunity to order them for immediate delivery upon release, just visit the Store.

Our first two releases are of course still available, and still sounding as great as when they first came out (maybe even better).

BAG001 is Go Home, a killing record with Charlie Hunter, Ron Miles, and Scott Amendola.

BAG002 is Foreign Legion -- Tin Hat recorded live in concert in Mallorca and at Berkeley's own Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, released by BAG Production in March of 2010.  

You can watch videos of performances from all these groups, as well as an interview with me about the making of Unfold Ordinary Mind, on the BAG Production youtube channel:

Of course first-rate music is only half the story in the record business -- we also have to get the word out and make the music commercially available. In this regard I am happy to report that we are now allied with a couple of first-rate outfits.

In the new important world of digital distribution, BAG releases are handled by A-Train Entertainment, a company headed by the irrepressibly resourceful Al Evers, longtime Bay Area music industry heavyweight and exactly the guy you want on your team.

For distribution of our physical cd's we are represented by the following companies.

North America: Distribution 13

France: Orkhestra

Russia: Novoe Iskusstvo

Belgium: Instant Jazz

We are also hoping to rely on good old fashioned word-of-mouth.  To that end, we are working on a method for helping intelligent, curious listeners keep their friends informed about interesting music they might otherwise have missed - stay tuned!